So, the UNCON happened…

Hi, guys! This is Cassandra. I was not there, in New York, for the UNCON.  Unfortunately, lots of things have been going on that got in the way of that.  I watched from the sidelines (via Twitter), as many others did, and I was very interested to see what came of the whole thing.  Jenn (The Picky Girl) took over the Twitter feed for the day, posting the occasional comment and some pictures, and we’ve heard from some of the other 25 or so attendees.  Here’s a glimpse:

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Thanks to Jenn and Teresa from Shelf Love for the pictures.  If anyone else has any pics from the day, I’d love to include them in the gallery. Let me know!

I was going to attempt to describe what happened that day based on the reports, but I think I will leave that to those who were there.  I’ll link to those below.  First, though, a few highlights from the Twitter feed.

“[Twitter] is a matter of curating.” -Rachel, @homebtwnpages, during the social media session

It’s ok to not blog for a couple of days. As Keri says,”my life doesn’t stop because you didn’t blog!” @keripayton

“Change your tactics.” Lori from @TNBCC instructs authors what spam is instead of getting upset.

“Recognizing the validity of other people’s opinions is very important to book blogging.” @teresareads

“Reading last page first is like having a baby and buying its coffin. @readingape

I agree with everything these awesome bloggers had to say – accept Jeff’s thought on reading the last page first.  That may be a bit extreme.  But, then, I’m the one who read the epilogue of HP7 before I read the rest of the book. 🙂

Here’s are the reactions of some of the attendees.  If I miss anyone, please let me know.  Leave a link in the comments or mention BookBlogUNCON on Twitter.

Libereading: Book Blogger UnCon

Shelf Love:  The Sunday Salon:  Reflections on the Book Blog Unconference

Armchair BEA: The UNCON Experience (A guest post from Teresa at Shelf Love)

Dead White Guys:  Book Blogger UNCON Recap

Stains on the Page:  Monday in NYC

The Picky Girl:  Book Blogger UNCON:  A Review

So, I Read This Book….:  My Day at the Book Blog UNCON and the BEA Blogger Conference

List Updated: 6/11/2012


About bookbloguncon

The first Book Blog UNCON will take place in NYC on Monday, June 4 at the Center For Fiction Studies. This blog is the source for all information relating the the UNCON.

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